Our floor systems last longer

In developing our floor and wall systems focus has been to minimize life cycle costs without compromise on quality and durability.

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Solid, durable and quickly installed

AcryliCon manufactures, supplies and installs wall and floor systems with high compressive strength, wear-resistance and exceptional resistance in relation to chemicals, bacteria, electrostatic shock and fire.

All our systems are easy to maintain and clean, they are quickly installed and fully cured within two hours. This provides a seamless floor without significant downtime and production stoppage. Acrylicon has qualities that deliver long-term durability, no matter where the floor is installed.

When extreme wear resistance is important

The Acrylicon Décor System is a 4mm quartz filled, trowel applied floor coating with excellent slip resistance values, longevity and cleanability. Coved skirting can be produced and due to AcryliCon’s unique ability to chemically bond, it is truly seamless with the floor.

Durable aesthetic diversity

The Acrylicon Flake System is 2-3mm thick and encapsulates decorative flakes within its chemically bonded monolithic structure. The system is designed for heavy traffic and moderate industrial use, combining unparalleled longevity with great aesthetics and is available in a multitude of colours.

A wall system that lasts

The Acrylicon Wall System is an extremely durable, hygienic and long lasting wall covering containing decorative flakes or quartz within a chemically bonded resin system.

Acrylicon Industry System

Designed to withstand heavy duty mechanical stress, both indoor and outdoor. Suitable for use in offshore applications, heavy engineering, freezers and as a heavy duty screed (up to 550mm thickness) for other Acrylicon Systems.

Flexible, self-leveling and hygienic

The Acrylicon Variant System is an Industrial grade, mono-colour, self-levelling system which can be installed with or without scattered flakes and cures within 2 hours.

Paint with flooring capebilities

The Acrylicon Variant Paint System is a thin coating system. It consists of the same primer and sealer as our Variant System with a paint coat of colour as the body. This gives a hard wearing seal coat for the concrete that provides dust proofing, waterproofing, chemical protection and good aesthetics.

Elastic, weatherproof and non-slip

The Acrylicon Multi-Grip System is an industrial mono-colour system which can be elasticised for areas with high thermal and mechanical stresses and outdoor applications. The thickness of the system is 2-4mm.

Reactive, hard and durable

The Acrylicon Lacquer System is a fully reactive, low viscosity resin based system that cures rapidly to produce a hard and abrasion resistant surface with good resistance to a variety of chemicals.

Solvent-free leveling

The Acrylicon Levelling Screed System is a solvent-free, 2 component methacrylic polymer mortar with high compressive and flexural strength. It is characterised by very low linear shrinkage and rapid curing, making it an ideal replacement for cementitious mortars and screeds.

Quick-curing sealant

The Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System is fully cured within 1 hour and can be ground and put back into full use immediately thereafter.