Quick-curing sealant

Description and Uses

The Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System is a resin based grout that can repair or replace traditional cement based grouts within tiled Terrazzo systems. It has been designed to cope with heavy traffic and has extremely good chemical and wear resistance. With a cure time of just 60 minutes, repairs and installation can be carried out quickly, without the need for costly shutdowns.

Designed for repairing existing Terrazzo tile grout, bolt holes, surface damage, or for new installation grouting. Suitable for use with retail, commercial and industrial Terrazzo floors.


Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System – Preparatory work and application in accordance with suppliers instructions.
Finish Satin
2-6mm depending on use. For repair depths greater than 6mm, please contact your nearest AcryliCon office for further advice.
Colour Standard Beige colour, can be pigmented.
Supplier AcryliCon Polymers GmbH (Germany)

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1-2 hours cure time – rapid installation and minimum downtime.
  • High compressive strength – excellent durability and cleanability.
  • Decorative finish – great aesthetics and UV stable.
  • Low emissions – our products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC’s.
  • Long lasting – our floors do not degrade, become brittle or porous with use.

Cure Time

The Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System is fully cured within 1 hour and can be ground and put back into full use immediately thereafter.

Properties and Application

Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System is a non-tacky, solvent-free, 2-component methacrylate based mortar with high compressive and flexural strength. It has very low linear shrinkage. The cured colour as delivered is beige, however the system can be pigmented to achieve different colours. The lowest application temperature (substrate and material) is 5°C/41°F.

tarrazzo_before tarazzo-after

Technical Information

Compressive Strength
EN196-1 (DIN1164)
57 N/mm2
Flexural Strength
EN 196-1 (DIN1164)
30 N/mm2
Shore D Hardness
DIN 53505 / ISO 868 / ASTM D2240
Temperature Resistance Tolerant of sustained temperatures up to 65°C/149°F

The technical properties of the Acrylicon system are evaluated to EN, ASTM or ISO standards and the results are average values, delivered under proper installation procedures and recommended conditions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Acrylicon Terrazzo Repair System will withstand standard Terrazzo cleaning methods and chemicals. Occasional inspection of the installed material and spot repair can increase the system life.


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