Our references

Long-term living and efficiency are the concepts anyone who has ever purchased an Acrylicon flooring system is familiar with.

AMCAR – Car Craft

AMCAR had the floor installed in 1990, the pictures were taken in August 2016.


Elektroimportøren supplies a wide range of electrical items and installation materials to their customers in Tromsø.

Vestlofoten Bil in Leknes

In 1996 we installed Acrylicon Decor 4 mm industrial floor coverings in the exhibition hall at Vestlofoten Bil at Leknes. The pictures you see here were taken on October 7, 2016.

Tesla Store Ålesund-Skodje

Great job done by Acrylicon in Ålesund.

Nortura Malvik

Nortura Malvik has now opened its new meat production facility outside Trondheim. Production of meat requires a high degree of hygiene.

Røst Sjømat

Acrylicon Granito Flakes in the wardrobes and shower room at Røst Seafood.

Coop Extra i Kautokeino

Acrylicon Granito Flakes installed at Coop Extra in Kautokeino in 2015. The images were taken in June 2016.

Bodø Caravan

Bodø Caravan. Acrylicon Industrial Flooring installed in the exhibition hall when the building was built in 2003 and the workshop in 2009.

Austevoll Fiskeindustri AS

Austevoll Fiskeindustri AS is one of the best participents in receiving and packing herring, mackerel and salmon in Norway.

Heatwork AS

Heatwork AS is an innovative and well-run company in Narvik, which manufactures and markets its products worldwide.

Bakers AS

In 1995, a fire broke out in parts of the bakery, resulting in considerable material damage.

Bertel O. Steen Bergen AS

Bertel O. Steen Bergen AS operates a truck and freight garage in Arna. When we were upgrading our workshop in 2002, we chose to invest in AcryliCon Industrigulvbelegg.

EIK Senteret på Voss

EIK Center at Voss is a shop selling everything from clothes and small tools to tractors and snowmobiles.

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport got AcryliCon flooring when the building was new. Ståle Im’s work experience from other kitchens with tiled floors, vinyl coatings and AcryliCon floors made him sure in his choice of flooring.