Bakers AS

Just as good after the fire

“In 1995, a fire broke out in parts of the bakery, resulting in considerable material damage. The fire developed extreme heat – so strong that even metal melted. The only thing that came undamaged of the fire was the Acrylicon coating. After a thorough wash the floors were just fine ! We have had Acrylicon Decor SW coatings for 14 years now, and are very pleased, also in relation to cleaning. The coating has a high abrasion resistance, and it has to be done in a company like ours, with frequent use of jerk rallies – also hot trolleys which is taken directly from the furnaces.The old floors were from the early 70’s. The epoxy coating was worn and pale. Acrylicon was applied to both old coatings and new concrete substrates. After a while, we see that the Acrylicon coating has loosened on places where the substrate is old coat. On the new floors, the coating is the same without any kind of flare or wear. ”

Fred Willy Aas
Maintenance Manager
Bakers AS,