Bertel O. Steen Bergen AS

Bertel O. Steen Bergen AS operates a truck and freight garage in Arna. When we were upgrading our workshop in 2002, we chose to invest in AcryliCon Industrigulvbelegg. We checked internal references at different Mercedes dealers around the country and received great feedback. We chose a light color that makes the premises bright and cozy, and I would especially like to emphasize that the AcryliCon coating is easy to keep clean. We have a lot of activity in the workshop and in the most affected areas we may expect to maintain the coating after 10 years. In total we added about 3000 m2 AcryliCon Decoration in 2002 and we have been very pleased with the investments. AcryliCon has proven to be a solid supplier who also takes responsibility when the performance does not match expectations, ref. New top level in the EU hall.

Johnny Tunestveit
After Marketing Commercial vehicles