Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport got AcryliCon flooring when the building was new. My work experience from other kitchens with tile floors, vinyl coatings and AcryliCon floor made me sure in my choice of flooring. Poor cleaning with the tiles and vinyl coatings that loosened constantly weighed heavily in my consideration. With heavy washing, detergents, heavy trolleys and almost constant activity, the floor is exposed to tough loads. We chose flooring in a light color with non-slip structure that provides a clear surface, pleasant working environment and a positive and beautiful presentation of the kitchen. Also in the Choice chain, there are great experiences with the AcryliCon floors, and this was also important documentation in connection with our choice of kitchen flooring. It may also be mentioned that there has been a good follow-up of AcryliCon’s representatives during and after the projects.

Ståle Ims
Repsonsible for kitchen